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CHOKING HAZARD! This product may contain small parts. It is not a toy and only suitable for the persons over 15 years old

Transformers Masterpiece MP-29 Shockwave/Laserwave


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Includes mini shockwave gun he can hold, clear and opaque replacement hands.

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September 2018

It's only logical!

Shockwave is easily one of my favourite Transformers characters, thanks largely to his depiction in Marvel Comics. I was less enamoured of his cartoon persona, but I always loved the way he looked and this Masterpiece figure is a dead ringer for the cycloptic military operations commander. MP-29 caught a lot of flack for being too short and too lilac, but this is perfectly in keeping with the animation model. In fact, both of his modes are extremely accurate to source. If, like me, you could never get your hands on an official G1 Shockwave as a kid, this is sure to delight. There are a fair few accessories in the pack, including both transparent and opaque hands and gun attachments so you can go G1 toy or cartoon accurate. He even includes a miniature version of his gun mode so you can recreate the scene from the G1 episode in which he 'holds' himself.

There are a few minor issues though. His lower legs are a little skinny, but this is out of necessity given that they form the handle of his alt mode. I'm not a fan of the light-piping used for his head and would have been much happier with a painted eye or even a light-up effect. In fact I disliked this aspect so much I invested in the Shadow Fisher upgrade head, which has three different LED colours. He's also perhaps a little lightweight given his size,. Other than that, it's a great figure.

January 2017

Shock wave masterpiece

While both robot and space pistol modes are indeed true to the cartoon series, tha figures leaves you anting more then you are actually getting..Shockwave is very, light, to the point you start wondering if it really is a First party figure.the joints are nt that good, especially the feet, which make the whole figure squick when you just wave him with your hand.The trap that is Shockwave's biceps and encloses tthe trigger never stays down and the trigger itself is pretty small and the space for your finger is also very small.the plastc in general feels cheap and not sturdy at all.On the other hand, great effects with batteries and pretty easy to transform.a price range of a masterpiece Ironhide would be suited instead of the above 100quid.

August 2016

Cartoon accurate, no weak points.

If you want cartoon accuracy, this is the one to get. It is a solid figure without fragile points.

I might have preferred a soft battery lightning in the eye but it does shine when there's a light source near the back of the head. There are batteries for his laser arm and for the gun mode, last one even gives a 'glow' mode and a 'shoot' mode on the functional trigger.

He is very poseable although the hands are quite rigid. They do give you 2 options of colours to swap to your liking. One of them is translucient, maybe therefore they avoided complex hands with lots of joints.

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-29 Shockwave/Laserwave

Transformers Masterpiece MP-29 Shockwave/Laserwave

Includes mini shockwave gun he can hold, clear and opaque replacement hands.